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Mileage Stopper for Audi: Characteristics of the Tool

The primary indicator of the residual value of a car is mileage. During the period of vehicle ownership, you can adjust this indicator. Modern Audi mileage correction devices allow you to accomplish this task. The primary mission of the stop filter is to change the mileage reading on the dashboard. The milage control can occur while driving, using standard buttons.

The speed freezer is a device installed behind the speedometer without soldering, and that stops the mileage at the push of a special button by the car owner. Buying a stopper and installing it yourself is simple and easy.

Main Properties

The Audi number miles travel blocker allows you to suppress the counting pulses in the vehicle. The kilometer traveled are not recorded in the car. All mileage stop filters have original connectors. There is no need to cut wires during installation. Likewise, no patching is required. There will also be no error message during vehicle diagnostics.

The correction is used to stop the recording of the km traveled in all memory cells. It is a professional alternative to adjusting the speedometer on your own. The stopper can be conveniently controlled from the steering wheel keypad.

These filters are available for a variety of car brands and models. Installation and miles check is always just as easy. It is placed behind the dashboard and demands no special patching. Thanks to the easy-to-use control buttons, you can decide if you want it to be on or off.

Primary Advantages

The mileage stop device is an innovative product that makes it conceivable for car owners to do the rollback independently, without the involvement of specialists. Having bought such a freezer once, the vehicle owner can use it for many years.

The blocker has the following benefits:

✔️ Quick and easy calibration as the module does not require programming.

✔️ Calibration is done automatically.

✔️ The tool is activated and deactivated with a key combination.

✔️ No electronics malfunction.

The equipment works in three modes. In the first one, the speedometer works fine, and 70% of the mileage will be filtered. In the second one, the device works just as well, and you can reset 80% of the miles. The third one entirely stops the count.

If you want to stop the mileage number on your Audi model, you can purchase innovative equipment in our shop. Here you can find only high-quality software certified by manufacturers that is always ready for successful work! Take care of the numbers on your odometer now; get this quality device.


The mileage stopper works on all AUDI cars manufactured from 2014 till present.

Note: The device stops all VAG vehicles from counting the distance to the next oil change (the service counter is stopped).


The device is installed behind the dashboard. Installation takes about 30 minutes and it's possible to do it on your own.

NB! Uninstalling the device will not affect the mileage data (the mileage will not jump up).


Mode 1 is activated by default immediately after installation. No need to activate the device.

Programs are switched successively: to switch a mode, you need to press and hold the "back" button on the left side of the steering wheel for 10 seconds.

On some VAG models you need to press the “OK” button on the right side of the steering wheel (looks like a small “wheel” switch), or the lower button “OK/Reset” button on the right wiper lever.


1—Speedometer works normally / 70% of mileage is filtered (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 30).

2—Speedometer works normally / 80% of mileage is filtered (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 20).

3—Turn OFF (everything comes back to normal).

Mode switching is confirmed by the flashing of a hazard light.

There is also a mode that allows you to completely stop the mileage, but the speedometer arrow will not work if it is used.


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