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If you want to sell your car in the future, you are probably aware that the price will be lower than the initial vehicle cost. Usually, the cost depends on the condition of the car. But even if the vehicle is in perfect condition, you may have to sell it for an even lower price because of the mileage of the vehicle.

Thanks to our products, you can prevent the cost drop in the future and sell your car for a much better price. Check out the section below to learn about the mileage blocker and how it works.

How does Our Odometer Blocker Work?

Our mileageblocker for Lamborghini is a tool used to prevent the odometer from transferring data to the electronic system of a car. The overall mileage count process works as follows:

✔️ The car moves and the odometer saves data about the number of miles traveled.

✔️ The odometer transfers data to the electronic system of the car.

✔️ The mileage is counted thanks to the electronic system of the car.

If you use our canblocker, the odometer is disabled. It cannot detect that you drive the vehicle, and thus, the data isn’t transferred to the electronic system of the car. As a result, the mileage remains unchanged. It’s not a rollback when the mileage is reset, it’s just a correction process when the number of miles traveled is no longer counted.

To start using the blocker device, you need to install and activate it. When you want the odometer to keep counting the mileage of the car, just use the button on a steering wheel to switch it off.

Why Should You Choose Our Online Store?

You can buy many various tools to facilitate the use of the vehicle you own, but not all of them may be of the highest quality. It is important to purchase the highest quality devices to get the best results. To do so, it is wise to choose a reliable company.

Our store offers the best and affordable tools to prevent the odometer from counting the mileage. We have a vast collection of tools. A special refund program ensures that all customers are satisfied. And by all customers we mean customers around the world since we ship to foreign countries! Check out our catalog if you want to buy a mileage stopper at a reasonable price.