Citroen Odometer Blocker

Citroen Jumper (2014+)
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Mileage correction tools are not new nowadays. These amazing devices enable their owners to correct the way the odometer transmits data to the electronic system of a car. Instead of risking and disconnecting the speedometer of a car, we offer you to choose our odometer blockers.

Whether you have a Citroen Berlingo, Grand c4 Picasso, or any other model, you can benefit from the devices that we offer. Instead of cutting the price of your car nearly in half, you may think about the future and choose to use a mileage correction tool. To learn more about our device, check out the section below.

Peculiarities of the Mileage Stopper

So, how does our device work? The idea is simple. As you know, the odometer sends data to the electronic system of a vehicle to detect the exact mileage of a car. But if you install our odometer blocker, you freeze the mileage. When activated, the device blocks the odometer and the electronic system gets no data. As a result, the mileage remains the same.

Why Should You Choose Our Company?

Our products allow vehicle owners to control the mileage count. It’s an easy and safe tool, unlike completely disconnecting the speedometer. With our odometer blockers for Citroen models, car owners may correct how their mileage is counted. But why choose our devices? Here are some important reasons:

  • shipping to various countries;
  • refund policy to make sure all clients are satisfied and their devices work;
  • affordable prices;
  • great customer support;
  • tools for most car models;
  • ease of installing the device;
  • reliability of all blockers.

We recommend using our devices in private cars. Thus, you get a chance to sell the car in the future for a better price rather than giving it away nearly for free. Check out the catalog to see what else we offer. To buy a product, just add it to the cart and pay by using the most convenient payment methods you prefer.