The Mileage Stopper (also known as Mileage Blocker or Odometer Stopper) is a device that stops the odometer counter by directly blocking the mileage data from reaching the odometer. It works as a digital buffer between your car and its instrument cluster via a CAN (Controller Area Network) module that is installed behind the dashboard.

It is possible to stop an electronic odometer without any soldering of wires or removing any specific fuses. Moreso, it's possible to stop the odometer without disabling any vital functions of the car, such as the turn signals, indicator lights, and everything in the dashboard, such as fuel gauge, speedometer, and the rest.

When deactivated, Mileage Stopper does not interfere with the car's digital bus and cannot be detected by any servicing diagnostic tools.

After you uninstall the Mileage Stopper, there will be no sign that it was used on the vehicle. Even if the use of the device is suspected, it is impossible to prove, thus making it completely untraceable.

The best way to test a car for a clocked mileage is to look at its service report journal and compare it to the car's overall condition. Any suspicious inconsistencies could indicate that the car's mileage is probably clocked.

As a general rule, the odometer doesn't get reset after the engine replacement. Even with a completely new engine under the hood, the odometer starts running exactly where it left off.

It’s no wonder that mileage is associated with the instrument cluster. But contemporary electronic odometers are nothing but a display. The actual mileage is stored in the ECU. Thus, changing the instrument cluster will not affect the mileage displayed. If you need to replace the instrument cluster due to a malfunction, you will also need to reprogram the cluster. Sometimes this procedure requires disassembly of the cluster and de-soldering of SMD components. However, with the Mileage Stopper solution, there is no need to worry about the mileage stored in the ECU. Our device is based on modern chip technology and programming. It deals not only with the mileage displayed but also doesn’t let the ECU record any new mileage info.

We provide a 2-year warranty.


Lately, we program our devices to be turned on by default upon installation. But if you installed the device and nothing happens, please follow the activation instructions provided on a product page.

No, the device is controlled via original buttons that already in your car.

It depends. Please consult with Customer Service.

In most modern cars, the mileage is frozen in all blocks as well as the gearbox, engine, ABS, key, ECU, etc.

Yes, in some cases errors may appear, but they can be easily corrected using special equipment.


We use UPS Express Saver.

Delivery usually takes from 3 to 7 days.

We ship worldwide to most countries in the world.


The device is installed behind the dashboard. Soldering and wire cutting are not required.

Yes, the installation usually takes no more than 30 minutes, and basically, everyone can perform it on their own.

All the instructions can be found on the product page, there are instructional videos for installing the device, as well as photos showing the correct installation and buttons for controlling the device.