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Jaguar odometer correction tool

Mileage filter for Jaguar: information regarding installation and operation.

If you need to solve a problem - mileage correction for Jaguar, will help you. Our device to freeze the mileage on a Jaguar car.

✔️ Our  Filter for freezing mileage on Jaguar vehicles works on all models manufactured from 2011 until the present.

✔️ All electronic units (ECU) will display the same mileage info.


The device is installed behind the dashboard. Installation takes from 30 minutes, but it is still possible to do it on your own.

✔️ Uninstalling the device will not affect the  data (the mileage will not jump up).

Activation and Controls

We tend to ship most of our devices pre-activated. No need to activate the filter. If you installed the device and mileage continues to go up, that means your item is not pre-activated.

To control the mileage correction filter, quickly press the “Set/+” and then “−” button on the right side of the steering wheel. Successful activation/deactivation is confirmed by the flashing of a hazard light.


Sometimes, on older models, you need to press and hold “RES” button for 5 or 10 seconds instead.


The device doesn't have any modes. The device is either On or Off.

✔️ Speedometer works at 100% percent on all models.


Installing the Mileage Stopper stops oil change interval indicator on all Jaguar vehicles.


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