Toyota odometer correction tool

The Mileage Stopper devices for Toyota are unique for each model and thus are not interchangeable as with other car brands. We have devices  odometer correction for models manufactured from 2015 till present. Generally speaking, freezing mileage on both Toyota and Lexus is a far better solution than simple mileage correction (please read on).

✔️ Removing the filter will not affect the current mileage data.

✔️ Duplicate mileage in ECU and all other engine modules will be stopped.

Installation devices for mileage correction for Toyota

Mileage Stopper for Toyota is installed behind the dashboard.

The installation process is straightforward and doesn't take a lot of time. But be extra careful in order not to leave any marks on the dashboard plastic trims.

Also, for some reason, both Toyota and Lexus use plastic bolts to hold the instrument panel. Treat them gently, so you could easily screw them back on looking good as new.

For more detailed installation instructions, please watch our videos.


To activate the device or switch a mode either press a “RES” button on the right side of the steering wheel or use the cruise control joystick on the right control lever.

Successful mode switching is confirmed by an automatic “Door Unlocked” LED on the dashboard or by a sound signal.


There are 3 (three) modes total:

Mode 1. Mileage is stopped for 100%

Mode 2. 90% of mileage is filtered *

Mode 3. Turn OFF. All comes back to normal.

Modes can be switched while driving.

  • Mode 2 (90%) is a specific program for all Toyota vehicles. Its main purpose is to spread the SRS module log data across the car’s mileage. SRS module is on Tooyota vehicles keeps a log such data as high revs, the times when the ABS is triggered, and so on. The catch is that SRS log data is impossible to correct post-factum. But by using the Second Mode this data does not get stuck at the same odometer value and thus will not raise any suspicion if the ECU and SRS modules are scanned with special service equipment.

Known issues:

- Instant fuel consumption is not supported.

- Average fuel consumption is displayed incorrectly.