Haval Mileage Blocker

Haval Jolion I (2021+)
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Thanks to modern technologies, car owners can now prevent the odometer from collecting data from the vehicle. What does it mean in this case? It means that your car's electronic system won’t get any mileage data. Yes, this device is called mileageblocker and it can be helpful for all car owners.

How Does the Odometer Stopper Work?

The odometer stopper or mileagestopper is a device that prevents your Haval car from getting any data about the number of miles or kilometers your car passed. Meaning, it freezes the data within the electronic system of your car.

A typical kmstopper offered by our company is used to prevent the odometer from getting any mileage data in private cars. It is not recommended to use the mileagefreezer device on cars used on public roads.

Older car models had mechanical odometers. To stop it from getting mileage data, a car owner simply needed to disconnect a certain cable. New models have electronic systems that read the data, and a user may disconnect the speedometer, but a mileage stopper is a safer option.

We offer a safe way to prevent the odometer from getting mileage data. This is how it works:

  • You need to install the mileage freezer behind the dashboard.
  • The device is deactivated, you need to activate it by using a button on a steering wheel.
  • When activated, the data of your car will remain unchanged.

You can control the correction of mileage data by activating and deactivating the device. The installation process is simple and no one will be able to tell that you have the corrector plugged into your car. If you deactivate the blocker, even the diagnostic system of the official dealership won’t be able to detect it.

Why Should You Choose our Odometer Stopper?

Our mileage stoppers are reliable and help you control the data received by the electronic system of your vehicle. The device is easily installed, it takes about half an hour to start using the stopper. 

We have useful options for our clients who live in other countries. We ship to most countries with a few exceptions. Moreover, if you get a damaged or not working device, we offer a refund. It is safe to buy our products. With our stoppers, you can easily control your vehicle’s mileage information. 

For more information, check out our website. We have a myriad of options for you to choose from in our catalog.