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Cadillac CTS Odometer Stopper

When we buy a new car, especially an expensive model, we often have to pay nearly a fortune. But the unpleasant thing is that when you sell it, you are obliged to sell it for a lower price. But what if your car is in perfect condition? Why would you have to sell it for such a low price?

Thankfully, modern technologies help with fixing this problem. One of the reasons why many car owners have to sell their cars for a much lower price is the mileage data. The more miles or kilometers you pass when using your car, the lower is the selling price. 

Even if you have replaced some details of the car, and it is now in perfect condition, you won’t be able to sell it for the price it deserves. But not if you use our odometer blocker! The device that we offer you to buy is used for private cars. Check out how it works in the following section.

How does it Work?

The odometer blocker for your Cadillac CTS is a device that disables the electronic system of the car to read the data transmitted by the odometer. In fact, the odometer doesn’t get any mileage data, and as a result, the electronic system doesn’t count miles or kilometers passed by the car.

The data is frozen when you activate the mileage blocker. There is another way to freeze the data, by disabling the speedometer, but that’s not a safe option. Whereas the mileage blocker allows you to see at what speed you drive the car, it just stops the odometer from counting miles or kilometers when it’s in “on” position. 

Why Should You Choose the Store?

Our devices won’t help you reset the data already received by the electronic system, but they enable the odometer from passing it in the future. Buying our devices means that you can sell your car for a better price in the future.

We have a refund policy so you don’t have to worry about getting a damaged device. In case of any issues, our support team will help you. We ship devices to most countries, so even if you live abroad, you can still benefit from our mileage blockers. Check out our catalog to buy the most suitable device. For more information, go to the “Contacts” section to contact the manager.


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