Mitsubishi ASX I (2010+) mileage filter, blocker

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Mileage Blocker for Mitsubishi ASX I (2010+).

Mileage blocker allowing to stop Mileage counting, mileage blocker works as CAN filter.

After using the odometer freezer all vehicle memories are stopped. CAN blocker for MITSUBISHI works on: ASX.


✔️ The mileage filter for freezing mileage count on Mitsubishi cars works on all models since 2017 and onward;

✔️ The installation of the mileage filter for any Mitsubishi model is performed behind the dashboard;

✔️ If you want, it can be done by yourself;

✔️ Removing the filter will not affect the current  data;

✔️The mileage count will be frozen on all blocks for all models.



Mileage Blocker for Nissan is installed behind the dashboard. The installation process is straightforward and doesn't require soldering or stripping wires. 



There are no modes. The device is either On or Off.


•  In-House Research & Design

•  1 Year Warranty

•  DIY Installation (no soldering and stripping wires)

•  Original connectors and terminals to ensure the best quality

•  The speedometer is working normally

•  All ECUs will be stopped along with the odometer

•  Uninstalling the device will not affect the mileage data (the mileage will not jump up)

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