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Lexus LX (Gen IV ; 2022+)

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Lexus LX (Gen IV; 2022+ — NEW) Mileage Stopper (aka Odometer Blocker or Filter) 

CAN filter allowing to stop Mileage counting, mileage stopper works as CAN blocker, stop odometer device. The mileage stopper device works on Lexus LX (Gen IV; 2022+).


1. Uninstall the instrument panel and disconnect it form the car.

2. Connect the male connector first (the one that goes the NOTE: an LED on the device (at the seam of heat-shrink tubing) must light up for 5 seconds.

3. Next connect the female connector (the instrument panel must turn on).

4. Install the instrument panel back.

5. Check the operation of the device.

TROUBLESHOOTING: On most car models, both connectors, male and female, can be connected both ways. Hence, most of the troubleshooting is done by simply reconnecting the device. Thus, if you you don’t get an LED light on the device: flip the male connector 180 degrees / if the instrument panel does not light up after connecting the device: flip the female connector 180 degrees.  

Please note, if the device is connected incorrectly, it will not cause any damage to the car's electronic system.


To switch the mode, press the cruise control joystick on the right cruise control lever: one press down, then one press up.

Successful mode switching is confirmed by the "Driver's door is open" signal on the dashboard. Modes are switched successively. 

Mode 1 is activated by default immediately after installation.Pull the Cruise Control lever (situated on the right, under the steering wheel) towards you for 4 seconds


1. Speedometer works at 100% / Mileage is completely stopped at 100%. 

2. Speedometer works at 100% / Mileage is filtered at 80%.

3. Speedometer works at 100% / Mileage is filtered at 95%.

4. OFF.

NOTE: It is always better to use the second or third mode, because the SRS airbag unit keeps an event log, with each event (for example, the activation of the ABS system) being is recorded with the mileage at which it occurred.

•  In-House Research & Design

•  1 Year Warranty

•  DIY Installation (no soldering and stripping wires)

•  Original connectors and terminals to ensure the best quality

•  The speedometer is working normally

•  All ECUs will be stopped along with the odometer

•  Uninstalling the device will not affect the mileage data (the mileage will not jump up)

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