Ford F-150 (2017+) - Mileage Blocker, Odometer Blocker, Speed Filter

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Mileage Blocker for Ford F-150 (2017+). This device is compatible with all models regardless of the firmware version. Speedometer, cruise control, and all other assistance systems work accordingly. No error messages are displayed on the dashboard.

Activation: The device is activated by pressing a single button. Activation is confirmed by flashing the hazard light. Once activated the device just works every time you start the engine. It can be activated and deactivated anytime-either parked or on the road.

✔️ In-House Research & Design

✔️ 2 Year Warranty

✔️ Easy Plug & Play Installation. No need to open ECUs, no cutting or soldering cables.

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Alex Fredo
Alex Fredo
My mark:
I bought a "freeze mileage Ford F-150" here, and it is quite expensive, in my opinion. I thought that the price was too high, but in fact it was worth it, the quality is visible in everything: from the work of a competent and pleasant consultant, fast delivery, good packaging of the device, to the device itself, which is easy to connect and does not give any system failures.
Admin response

Thank you very much for your trust! We will be glad to see you again in our store.

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