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BMW X1 (F48, F49) - Mileage Stopper, Odometer Blocker, Speed Filter

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Mileage Blocker for BMW X1 (2015+)

This device is compatible with the following models regardless of firmware version: F48, F49.

Speedometer, cruise control, and all other assistance systems work accordingly. No error messages are displayed on the dashboard.

Activation: The device is activated by pressing a single button. Activation is confirmed by flashing the hazard light. Once activated the device just works every time you start the engine. It can be activated and deactivated anytime-either parked or on the road.

✔️ In-House Research & Design

✔️ 2 Year Warranty

✔️ Easy Plug & Play Installation. No need to open ECUs, no cutting or soldering cables.

5/ 5
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James Brown
James Brown
My mark:
Ordered BMW F Series Mileage Stopper Device, Odometer Blocker, Freezer, Filter. Came within 5 days. I looked at it. He was unharmed. I installed it on my car. Everything is working properly. Satisfied with the product. I recommend it!

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