What is mileage blocker?

What is mileage blocker?

Mileage Blocker — a New Word in the Use of Modern Cars

The mileage filter makes counterfeiting a speedometer easier and cheaper than ever. The odometer manipulation is currently in a state of flux. While expensive devices and services to manipulate are dwindling, affordable products and new systems to increase mileage are entering the market. Cheap methods allow manipulation to be carried out more often than before. Whereas in the past, many kilometers were corrected, today manipulations are much more common, for example, before visiting a workshop, so mileage fraud is not recorded in the invoices or the service or inspection booklet.

An odometer blocker is a unique tool that helps to stop numbers effectively. Through many experiments, professionals have developed and programmed a module that could finally stop the run on any car make and model without errors. Before you start using this unique device, it is worth learning a little more about it.

What you need to know about the blocker?

The main advantage of such a tool is that it can quickly stop recording numbers on the odometer. But this is not the only advantage. All vehicle safety systems, assistance systems, distance measuring systems, cruise control, and all automobile functions continue to work without problems thanks to the excellent quality of the equipment, precise work during module assembly, and final acceptance.

The odometer stopper is used to stop the storage of the kilometers traveled and is also called a special filter, blocker, or freezer. It is impossible to observe manipulations with the speedometer stopper when visiting a service station, i.e., when the car is delivered, for example, to the manufacturer's workshop for inspection when it is connected to the diagnostic software.

In professional devices, all storage locations in the car are taken into account. These odometer limiters are conveniently managed from the steering wheel keypad. They are available for all popular car brands and models, and mantling is constantly just as easy. These devices are quality products made by the best specialists, characterized by compatibility with sensitive automotive electronics and their reliability.

Things to bear in mind when you use a blocker

As a result of the tremendous advances in technology, a lot of innovations have happened to cars. The mileage is not just stored in the speedometer as it used to be. There are countless storage places to consider. And the newer the vehicle, the more memory cells it contains. For many speedometer controls, it is not even possible to edit all memory locations. Then they remain unprocessed. The consequences are not immediately noticeable, but error messages will appear again and again in electronics over time. They cannot be deleted. Troubleshooting is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Consequently, many experts advise every buyer to avoid dubious offers and choose a quality mileage blocker. Here, too, absolute care is required, as improper handling can even bring the vehicle to a standstill.

What are the tools for correcting mileage?

In the modern car market, different models can correct the mileage. To choose the right one for yourself, it is worth diving deeper into the topic of the main differences between such devices that can be purchased online in online stores.

The first difference is that all modules have different purposes. There are such devices:

  • The odometer correction tool. It only deals with the displayed numbers and is easy to track.
  • The mileage blocking tools. This device communicates with the Can-Bus system. It completely stops recording the distance in the memory of the car.

Also, modern tools for stopping a run are divided into the following subspecies:

  • Devices that are connected via OBDII.
  • Devices that can be installed behind the dashboard without connecting to cords.

What makes these devices unique?

The device for correcting the mileage, easily installed behind the dashboard of a car of any class, model, and brand, has many unique properties. These properties make this tool one of the most sought-after products on the market.

Easy DIY installation

When using the filter, no time-consuming odometer adjustment is required, such as removing the lighting control module, airbag control unit, central control unit, engine control unit, service memory, ABS control unit, and transmission control unit. Every vehicle owner can save on this with Plug & Play modules.

The available kilometers are not deleted after installation. Everything is the same as before, and the kilometer stop serves only to suppress the counting pulses. There are no error messages on the speedometer or infotainment system.

The connectors and connections that come with the speedometer filter are robust and durable. Activation is effortless and straightforward using the buttons on the steering wheel and, without the multifunction steering wheel, using the gear lever.

Simple operation of the unique Plug & Play module

A ground-breaking Plug & Play module helps to install the device easily. Once the tiny devices have been installed according to the instructions, the job becomes very simple. During every day driving, the vehicle owner turns off the odometer by pressing a button when cruise control is activated, i.e., it maintains the desired speed, and the distance traveled is no longer recorded in the odometer until the filter is turned off.

During the inspection, no one will see the use of the filter

The principal problem with cheap Chinese analogs of mileage correction modules is that their primary purpose is to erase a certain number of digits on the odometer. Nevertheless, in reality, even if these devices can erase this data, they will not be able to delete it from the car's memory.

Consequently, it is essential to choose such tools, the primary purpose of which is the complete deletion of data in all modules of the car's electronic system. Such devices are primarily intended to test the performance of a vehicle under controlled conditions. By choosing a professional device as a diagnostic tester, the car owner will carry out a successful test of his car. The data will not be displayed since they will be successfully erased from all memory cells. At the same time, the vehicle's electronics will not be affected — which is one of the advantages of the mileage blocker.

Easy installation — easy removal

When a person has just bought a new and expensive car, he is unlikely to install a device that involves removing panels and cutting off some cables. The correction of the odometer, in this case, is not always worth the nerve and effort spent and can likewise lead to a breakdown of some of the car systems. Many correction tools, in addition to mileage limiters, require car owners to attach them by soldering. Nevertheless, the miles traveled blocker is easy to install and also easy to remove.

After installing such a device, every automobile enthusiast can quickly return everything to its original state after no longer needing the mileage limiter. Such a device is most often installed behind the dashboard and connected to the cords. It is beneficial for those who like to keep track of their car and quickly stop the numbers on the odometer without much effort.

Several modes to choose from

The beauty of using mileage blockers is that the car owner can choose any mode he likes. Among the most common modes in blockers:

  • When using the first mode, the odometer is frozen. The speed display shows the actual speed.
  • The odometer will only read 10% of the distance traveled. The speed display shows the actual speed.
  • The odometer will only read 50% of the distance traveled. The speed display shows the actual speed.
  • Return to regular operation: odometer and speedometer work as before.

Keyboard shortcut helps you work efficiently

There are several modes of operation with the odometer blocker, which can be set in the program settings. Thanks to keyboard shortcuts that allow you to switch from one mode to another, it is much easier to deal with. Depending on the make of the car, the keys will differ, and it means that you will need to check the specific description of your vehicle for the particular key combinations you need.

You can quickly turn off the device while driving

And besides, thanks to the mileage filter, you can choose the driving mode depending on which one you need at the moment. If your car is in motion, the key combination can be applied to fix your position for a given specific time. You will be informed about the activation of the module, and you will always know what percentage of the distance is recorded.

Mileage will not increase when the module is removed

It is one of the most common problems that arise when using a poor-quality mileage correction module. As soon as the device is put into service and the odometer records the correct distance, it will be possible to estimate the distance traveled. But if you remove the device, the mileage will automatically increase.

It does not include the limitation of the kilometers traveled with the expensive correction tool. Even if the module is removed and it works as usually, the residual mileage will remain the same. It is a significant point — the higher your number of miles traveled, the more chances it will return to its original level.

The module will save the settings

The mileage freezer gives customers a better experience. At the same time, it is pretty simple in implementation and convenient in usage. The car remains in working state and does not lose its original settings at the end of all work. After starting your vehicle, the next time, the same mode will be activated as the last time. If you want to change the odometer lock mode, then you don't have to do anything.


The following advantages characterize odometer limiters:

  • Quick and easy installation as the module does not require programming.
  • The programming is done automatically according to the Plug & Play principle.
  • It is safe. It is no longer necessary to remove control units. The unique software also allows you to install such a device simply behind the dashboard without unnecessary cords. The backup and overwrite function is always safe as the data record can be saved before programming.
  • The module is activated and deactivated with a key combination.
  • No electronics faults.

The odometer manipulation has become widespread, and many resorts to using mileage blocking modules. It is because cars are getting better and better, and a high number of miles traveled can be made lower with a small device that no vehicle inspection will ever notice. For those who decide to use a blocker, it is worth choosing a proven device produced by the best specialists. So you can be sure of the error-free operation of the freezer, which will quickly and effectively stop the run on your favorite iron horse.