How to choose the right Mileage Blocker?

How to choose the right Mileage Blocker?

The Most Outstanding Mileage Blocker: The Subtleties of Choice

If you want to sell a relatively new foreign car for a higher price or need an effective mileage rollback, you should consider purchasing and installing a device to block the miles traveled. It will help you set the value that suits you the best.

You don't need to be an expert to adjust speedometer numbers. The necessary devices or software for self-manipulation of the speedometer can be legally purchased on the Internet worldwide. It is fundamental for every vehicle owner — you will learn more about it in this article.

What is a mileage blocker?

The term mileage blocker means a module installed behind the speedometer without soldering. This tool stops the number of miles traveled by pressing a button by the driver. For this to work successfully, filters have been developed specifically for different car models. Therefore, everyone can choose the best option.

The speed filter can really freeze the mileage in the car only if, during the installation, exceptional attention is paid to the fact that the counter stops synchronously in all the memory cells of the vehicle. Only then does the speedometer work correctly. Furthermore, the mileage would be recalculated only when you deliberately disable the stopper.

Consequently, the recessed level of kilometers can't rebound after turning off the filter. How many kilometers you have driven during this time with the activated speed filter is none of someone's business — it remains your secret. Your car is as invisible as the work of this tool.

Purchasing a speedometer stopper and installing it yourself is simple and easy. Anyone can find many online stores of kilometer filters on the Internet, which quickly give the impression that the installation is completed in a few minutes.

Nevertheless, many do not know the fact that the mileage is stored not only in the speedometer. For example, the status of kilometers is also collected in the central control unit, the onboard supply control unit, the engine unit, and the transmission control unit. It is, consequently, crucial that all relevant controls are matched to the speed filter.

Mileage Blocker or Odometer Correction Devices

Speedometer calibrators have something to do with odometer correction tools. Nevertheless, it is worth considering the difference between the two. First, the primary difference is that these correction devices are used to reprogram the odometer. Using such a device, you can:

  • Unwind the numbers on the speedometer.
  • Add supplementary indicators.

It is a standard option for changing odometer numbers, but it is considered quite unethical when selling a car, for example.

What is the purpose of an odometer freezer? Its principal goal is to stop the mileage of the automobile while it is being tested. With the help of such a module, it is unlikely that it will be possible to rewind the numbers — add or decrease them. All a person can do is hold the recording process during performance testing.

Furthermore, the speedometer stopper is used to halt the registration of the kilometers traveled in all memory cells. It is a professional alternative to adjusting the speedometer. Another nice perk is that the stopper can be conveniently operated from the steering wheel keypad without requiring soldering.

Is it legal to use mileage freezers?

Many vehicle owners might be interested in how the twisting numbers of miles traveled in automobiles is regulated. The answer is simple — mileage limiters are considered legal devices that all vehicle owners can apply. They are intended to be used in a controlled environment. Therefore, it is within the scope of the law.

Another thing is when a person uses this tool to deceive potential buyers or government agencies. In this case, the vehicle owner may be held liable. There has long been a responsibility in many developed countries for such adjustment of vehicle mileage at the legislative level. For example, in European countries, twisting a car's miles traveled is illegal, and, following EU regulations, there is a liability for this in the form of a fine.

Does quality matter?

When buying a device for freezing mileage, it is worth remembering that the quality of the module plays an influential role. Electronics are a sensitive part of a car. When the vehicle owner works with it, it is imperative not to harm the system itself. It would be best not to opt for cheap, untested fixture options, as they can break the system. It is better to go for the more expensive alternative — this will always be the right decision.

An equally important point, when buying a blocker, you should be alert and try to eliminate website fraud. For example, a buyer can discover low-quality resellers on the Internet who trade these tools at a lower price but cannot copy the full functionality of high-quality ad blockers. It is not an option to resort to. It is better to splash out on a high-quality version of the mileage freezer so that you do not have to repair the car's entire system later.

Market prices

When it comes to actual prices, this question might be tricky. The reason is that prices depend on the car model and the quality of the product. When searching on the worldwide web, you can stumble upon options from different price ranges. For example, you can even find Chinese knockoffs that won't cost more than twenty dollars. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, this option is likely to ruin all the electrics in the car.

Quality stopping devices can cost up to $250. Their price can even reach the limit of 2 thousand dollars. Overall, it all depends on the manufacturer.

Does the country of the manufacturer of the blocker matter

The country of origin of ground-breaking devices for freezing mileage matters because, in certain countries, these technologies are significantly developed. For instance, everyone knows that Germany is famous for its great cars. Furthermore, even German-quality auto parts will stand out with their exceptional quality.

Every vehicle owner wants his car to last as long as possible. Accordingly, the rule is simple: if you're going to purchase something worth your money for a vehicle, it is better to choose a leading manufacturing country, for example, Germany.

Why are these devices so widespread?

Such a device has multiple purposes. It is principally intended for testing purposes. Nevertheless, other known uses are not considered ethical.

How the mileage can be improved

Some car owners believe that the mileage is not equal to the car's condition, but in fact, it is not. The number of miles traveled is significant, so numerous sellers who want to get more value from the sale resort to using blockers. Sellers can change the numbers in their favor for profit. It is reasonable because odometer numbers affect the price of a vehicle, but it cannot be said that this is an upright manipulation.

You can pay less for insurance

Insurance companies in various foreign countries pay great attention to the numbers on the odometer. They use mileage to learn about each vehicle owner's driving habits and charge them accordingly. The reasoning behind these actions is understandable. According to insurance companies, if a person travels a lot, he has a greater chance of getting into an accident. Furthermore, suppose a person likes to travel a lot and has not correctly calculated their annual mileage limits. In that case, the insurance company will want to charge a fee for exceeding the limit.

You can check fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is essential to anyone looking to purchase a car. This parameter allows you to evaluate the quality of the automobile. If a person wants to check their vehicle's fuel economy, they can easily do so with a freezer tool. For this, the vehicle owner needs:

  • Pour fuel into the tank.
  • Turn off mileage.
  • Check the car on the road.

The next time the person refuels the car, he can calculate the fuel economy considering the difference in gasoline and the distance traveled.


The mileage stopper is an essential thing for a modern vehicle owner. It is used to stop collecting the kilometers traveled. These limiters are conveniently operated from the steering wheel keypad. They are available for all common car brands and models, and installation is always just as easy.

When buying such a product, remember that it is worth choosing only high-quality products characterized by compatibility with sensitive automotive electronics of a vehicle and their reliability. In this way, you can be guaranteed to get the best result for the device.