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Subaru Odometer Blocker

A mileage blocker tool is not new to car fans. It’s a rather useful and convenient device that stops the mileage of your car from increasing. Check out more information about the devices that we offer in the following section. 

How does the Device Work?

Our odometer blockers do not reset the existing mileage of your car. Our devices work based on the overall mechanism of modern cars. How does the modern vehicle count its mileage? Here is the mechanism:

  • You drive a car, the odometer traces the number of miles traveled.
  • The electronic system of your car receives the data from the odometer while you are driving.
  • The system changes the run so it reflects how many miles you have traveled.

It seems that the only way to prevent the vehicle from increasing its mileage is to stop driving your car, but luckily, that’s not the case. You can still use your favorite Subaru car if you install the mileage correction device. It prevents the odometer from sending data to the electronic system hence it does not change the mileage of a car.

If you want to start using the canblocker, you need to install it under the dashboard. Whenever you drive and want the mileage to “freeze”, activate the tool. If you want to keep increasing the mileage, just switch the device off. Our device safely disables the calibration tools of your car so that they do not count mileage.

Why Should You Choose

Many users offer to use a rather dangerous way of preventing the mileage from increasing. For example, disconnecting the speedometer. It may work, but that’s a rather dangerous method. 

We offer a safe and useful odometer blocker tool that can be very useful for you when you decide to sell the car. Check our catalog to see the prices. We have blocker devices compatible with most modern car models and brands. 


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