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Maserati Odometer Stopper

If you compare the car models in the past to modern ones, you can find many differences. Not just the overall appearance, but also the modern tools used to facilitate the usage of a vehicle. One of such differences is how the mileage is counted.

In the old models, there was a mechanical system that changed the mileage throughout the usage of the car. Back then, car owners were able to simply unplug certain views from the odometer to prevent it from counting the mileage. 

But modern cars have electronic systems that receive signals from the odometer. Many car owners believe that because of this peculiarity, it is not possible to change the way the odometer counts the mileage. But that’s not the case, and our products can help.

Check out how you can prevent the increase of the mileage of your Maserati car with our mileageblocker while still using it for personal purposes. 

How does Our Odometer Blocker Work?

If you have a car that you used for a while, the kmfreezer, also known as an odometer blocker won’t reset the mileage to zero. It would be very suspicious considering that even new cars fresh from the dealer’s office have around 10 miles of mileage. No, our tools are better and much safer.

Our mileagestopper for your vehicle simply prevents the odometer from sending signals to the electronic system of the car. The concept is based on the counting mechanism of mileage. 

The odometer of your car counts how many miles your vehicle travels and sends the data to the electronic system. It changes the mileage to a real number of miles traveled. But if you install our device, the odometer won’t count or send data to the electronic system of a vehicle. As a result, the mileage won’t change. It’s simple and safe!

Why Should You Choose Our Online Store?

Whether you have a Maserati Granturismo car, or you prefer good old Mercedes, you can find a mileage correction device on our website. We have a refund policy in case you get a damaged device. 

Moreover, you can benefit from our safe and efficient tools no matter what country you live in. We ship our tools to various foreign countries with an exception of a few regions. Our products are safe and of the highest quality. Check out the devices on our website to get proof that we also have reasonable prices!


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