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Fiat Mileage Stopper

Whether you have a Fiat model, for example, Fiat Ducato, or another vehicle model, you can freeze the mileage. You don’t believe it? Check the section below and learn how our mileage stopper tools work!

How does it Work?

In the past, when all cars had mechanical systems, car owners needed to simply unplug the wire connected to the odometer to prevent it from counting mileage. Today, all modern cars have electronic systems, and it’s not possible to correct mileage by simply cutting some wires.

With our odometer freezer tool though, you can disable the electronic system from receiving odometer signals. As you know, the odometer sends data about how many km or miles your car has traveled. That’s how the mileage is counted. But if you activate our blocker device, it freezes the odometer and does not transmit the signal, thus, the electronic system does not change the mileage. 

The overall concept is simple as it is:

  • installing the canblocker tool, no need for any additional software;
  • activating the device by switching it on;
  • while driving with an activated tool, the mileage won’t change;
  • when you stop driving, deactivate the device.

The device is installed behind the dashboard without any wire cuts. Upon completing the mantling of the blocker tool, no one will be able to tell that you have a correction device. If you switch it oww, the diagnostic systems won’t be able to detect the mileage freezer. 

We recommend using the device in private cars, for example, to stop the mileage count on your Fiat vehicle. 

Why Should You Choose

Our store has some of the most reliable and safe tools to prevent the odometer from sending data to the electronic system of the vehicle. We have a refund policy in case you get a broken tool. 

All our tools work perfectly and prevent the calibration mechanisms of your car from counting how many miles you have traveled. Check out our catalog to see what devices we sell, and also get proof that our tools are affordable.


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