Mercedes W166, W639 mileage stopper, odometer blocker


CAN filter allowing to stop Mileage counting, mileage stopper works as CAN blocker, stop odometer device.

Mileage stopper device for Mercedes:  

GL (W166), Vito (W639)

The speedometer arrow is not working.

Oil change stops distance.

Remembers the last position.

The seat belt signal does not work.

Rear view camera does not work, when the device is activated.

Button control.

All electronic units will be stopped along with the odometer.


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The method to stop the mileage with CAN involves the usage of special SpeedFilter device.

The operation of this device is based on the principle of filtering digital CAN bus data. The device is conncted to the car through standard connectors behind the instrument panel. Installation is done without interfering in the standard wiring.

Switching the device on and off is done with buttons on the steering wheel.

Data sheet

Plug & Play
Speedometer indicator
Does not work
Oil change
Connection point
Behind the dashboard
Buttons on the steering wheel
Not visible on the dashboard
Used in
Check cars on the dynamometer
100 gr
20x10x2 cm

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This device is appropriate only for testing and tuning purposes and not for public traffic.