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Devices for checking cars on a chassis dynamometer.

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Mileage stopper device works on Lexus GX460.CAN filter allowing to stop Mileage counting,...
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CAN filter allowing to stop Mileage counting, mileage stopper works as CAN blocker, stop...
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About Mileage blockers!

Mileage correction is very popular today, however, even the most experienced master cannot guarantee that after applying this method the data on the odometer will completely coincide with the data in other blocks of the car. This is due to the fact that each block requires separate adjustments and the skills and experience of the master.

The stop filter, however, stops the run, thus the higher mileage cannot get into various blocks of the car, such as gearbox, engine, headlights, ABS, airbags, key, etc.

The most relevant application of the mileage blocker on new cars, because the readings are stopped simultaneously in all blocks and the electronic system of the car does not record a malfunction. The readings of different blocks do not contradict each other, the history of maintenance is not violated.

How it works?

Stopping the mileage with a stop filter is easy. The device is installed behind the dashboard in the electronic system of the car. All installation work is simple to implement, does not require soldering or wire stripping and takes no more than 30 minutes.

All data in all blocks stops from the odometer.

You can activate the device and turn off the odometer using the buttons on the steering wheel with one click. Thus, you can quickly and easily independently control the filter when you need it.


If the stop run is not activated, the diagnostic equipment (including dealer equipment) does not fix it.

This device is appropriate only for testing and tuning purposes and not for public traffic.