Dodge RAM 1500 (DS/DJ/D2) — Mileage Stopper


The device that allows stopping mileage data in all engine units on Dodge RAM vehicles. Works as a CAN module.


All RAM 1500 models manufactured 2016—2018. 


DIY Installation; No soldering and stripping wires. For more info, please refer to our INSTALLATION page. 


Please note, that there are no modes. The device is either on or off.  

To switch the device On/OFF push and hold the "CANCEL" button for 5/10 seconds.

Successful switching is signaled by a single blink of the hazard light indicator.

* * *

✔️ DIY Installation.  

✔️ Data is filtered in all engine units.

✔️ Uninstalling the device will not affect mileage data. 

✔️ Original connectors and terminals, best quality.

✔️ Speedometer works normally. 


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30 days return guarantee
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Data sheet

Plug & Play
Speedometer indicator
Works as usual
Oil change
Works as usual
Connection point
Behind the dashboard
Buttons on the steering wheel
Used in
Check cars on the dynamometer
Is it possible to remove the device?
100 gr
20x10x2 cm

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This device is appropriate only for testing and tuning purposes and not for public traffic.