How do I activate а mileage filter in a car?

All modern cars are equipped with an electronic system that consists of several blocks.

These blocks collect and record mileage information that is received directly by the odometer.

It is for this reason that in most cases, the mileage filter is installed behind the dashboard.

This process is not time-consuming.

It is usually enough to unscrew a few bolts and screws and remove the interior lining.

Each car has special installation features, we try to make a device installation video for each car so that you can install the device on your own, by following our instructions.

blocker installation

Installation recommendations:

✔️ Use the correct tools;

✔️ Be careful and observant.

Keep in mind:

✔️When connected correctly, the LED lights on the board will light up and you will be able see it from the other end of the device;

✔️ Activation and deactivation of the mileage filter is performed by using the standard buttons found on the steering wheel. This way, you can quickly and easily manage the mileage blocker by yourself when you need it.

✔️ If the connectors are connected incorrectly, this will not cause damage to the electronic system.

Important information

If the mileage filter is not activated, the diagnostic equipment (including the equipment used by dealerships) will not detect it.