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Chrysler Mileage Stopper

In the past, old car models had mechanical devices to count the mileage. Car owners have figured out a way to block the mileage by unplugging certain wires. Today, all modern cars have electronic systems that receive data from the odometer. This data is mileage data.

As you know, mileage is the travel distance of a car in miles or kilometers. It affects the price of the car if the owner wants to sell it. The higher the mileage is, the lower is the price of a car since many believe the vehicle is less valuable if it traveled a lot. 

But what if a car is in perfect condition, with all the new vehicle details? Should an owner cut the price of the vehicle, or use some other ways? Yes, our company offers a way to prevent your vehicle from dropping in price. The solution is rather simple - buying a vehicle mileage correction tool. Check out all the details in the following paragraphs. 

How does the Device Work?

First things first, no, our mileage correction devices do not reset the mileage data. Our devices simply prevent the odometer from “reading” and transferring data to the electronic system of your Chrysler or other vehicles. 

The idea works as follows:

  • installing the device under the dashboard;
  • activating the tool by pushing the button on the steering wheel;
  • driving to the needed destination;
  • switching off the correction device.

As a result, your vehicle mileage won’t change. Note, unlike the speedometer disconnection method, using our tools is totally safe. You will know at what speed you drive a car. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our products are of great quality and they don’t endanger the lives of drivers and their passengers. We ship our products to most countries, and in some cases, it may be free. Check out our catalog to learn what models are compatible with our devices. 


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