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Chevrolet Mileage Blocker

Today, car owners have many tools that make it easier to use their vehicles. But the most valuable ones help car owners sell the car for the price the car deserves. Many people have their cars in perfect shape, with new details and tools. The only thing that significantly cuts the price of a car is the mileage. 

Thankfully, you can use a mileage correction tool to prevent the electronic system of a car from reading the data transmitted by the odometer. As a result, your car is like a new model! We offer an amazing device that helps you to safely control the mileage of your Chevrolet. Check out the details in the following section.

How Does the Device Work?

A mileage blocker is a tool that controls the traveled distance of a car in miles or kilometers. As you know, even when you buy a new car the mileage is never 0. The delivery, examination of a car, and some other factors influence the mileage, and it is usually at around 10 miles. 

The odometer freezer that we offer will not reset the mileage to 0, it will simply enable you to block the odometer. The electronic system of a vehicle gets data from the odometer and it reflects the car’s mileage. But when you use a stopper, the data will not change.

For example, if your vehicle has 100 miles of mileage, and you switch on the blocker, then drive a couple of miles, the mileage will remain unchanged. 

Some users recommend stopping the speedometer, but it’s not a safe method when you don’t know at what speed your car moves. The best way to prevent the odometer from transmitting mileage data to the electronic system of a car is by using our products. 

Why Choose Us?

If you wish to buy an odometer blocker, we have great options for you. And here is why you should choose our company:

  • refund policy in case of receiving a broken device;
  • great variety of products;
  • free shipping within the country;
  • shipping to various foreign countries;
  • affordable prices;
  • great quality tools;
  • ease of installing our devices.

To install a device, you need just 30 minutes of your time. No one will figure out that you have a mileage stopper as long as you keep it deactivated while the car is being diagnosed. Check out our catalog of products to see what we offer. 


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